Suspected Fake Shoes Swooped in Hong Kong

Acting on a complaint that fake sports shoes were sold in Mong Kok, a popular shopping district for trendy teens and tourists, Hong Kong Customs went into action and raided retail shops and warehouses.

Customs Officers seized suspected fakes, including 1,905 pairs of sports shoes, to a tune of HKD1.67 million. The suspected head of the fake goods syndicate along with six other people were arrested.

The arrests included a 16 year old and Customs has appealed to young people to be on guard against dodgy dealings when working in summer jobs.  During the investigations, it was found that three retail shops in Mong Kok sold the confiscated goods as genuine goods to make more money.

In Hong Kong, anyone who trades, manufactures, sells or possesses for sale, any goods to which a forged trade mark is applied, commits a criminal offence under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance. Upon conviction, offenders could be slapped with a maximum fine of HKD500,000 and five years’ jail time.

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