The Global IP Practice at K&L Gates

K&L Gates has more than 200 lawyers, including approximately 100 registered patent lawyers, agents, and technology specialists with technical or advanced science degrees – nearly 20 with Ph.D.s – who devote their practices to helping clients establish, enforce, and leverage their intellectual property rights worldwide.

Our IP lawyers seamlessly work for our clients in creating, developing, and leveraging patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other rights to protect intellectual property assets as valuable business assets.

  • Our patent lawyers practice in virtually every technical field imaginable. In 2016, we filed over 1,700 patent applications worldwide.
  • Our trademark lawyers had over 2,250 trademark registrations issued in 2016, and our firm is recognized by industry surveys as among the top trademark counseling firms in the United States. We register trademarks and service marks in many countries and regions as part of our global trademark management for numerous clients.
  • Our copyright lawyers advise clients regarding the acquisition, sale, and licensing of copyrighted works, and all types of development, licensing, and distribution transactions.

We advise clients how best to protect their intellectual property. We also counsel clients on infringement and validity opinions regarding intellectual property. In addition, we help clients acquire intellectual property from third parties, including necessary due diligence, patent portfolio evaluation, and IP valuation.

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