Replica Furniture: A Call to Arms

In a four-part series recently published in Habitus Living, we explore the issues faced by makers of original and authentic designs by the rise of the replica furniture industry in Australia.

The popularity of reality renovation shows has sparked interest and demand for designer furniture, homewares and lighting products. Consumers seeking such products at affordable prices have been serviced by businesses dedicated to the sale of replica furniture products that are manufactured cheaply overseas and widely available online.

While Australian designers may feel powerless in the fight against the replica industry, there is much that can be done by makers of original and authentic designs to protect their intellectual property rights.

The four-part series can be accessed at the below links.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss protection for your designs and trade marks.

Part 1: A Call to Arms Against Replica Furniture

Part 2: Continuing the Replica Design Fight

Part 3: Saving the Industry From the Replica Plight

Part 4: How Can We Change the Culture of Copying?

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