Top Questions Fashion Brands Should Consider Before Conducting Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…the list of social media tools for the promotion of your fashion brand is ever increasing. While social media is an effective and immediate way to reach your customers, there are some important considerations you should turn your mind to before embracing this marketing tool, as some recent examples demonstrate.

In the recent Federal Court case between Leah Madden, from swimwear brand White Sands Swimwear, and leading swimwear brand Seafolly, Ms. Madden was ultimately ordered to pay damages for the reputational harm she caused to Seafolly through posting comments on social media.

In order to avoid the potential pitfalls that come with the territory, we recommend that fashion brands consider the following questions before using social media to market their labels:

1. Is it really true?

2. Do I own it or have permission to use it?

3. Does it hurt someone else’s reputation?

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