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What is the Italian historical trade mark?
The Italian Government Launches a Tender for Granting Allowances for the Promotion of Historical Trademarks

What is the Italian historical trade mark?

We increasingly hear about “brand value” along with figures and suggested strategies to assist brands in difficult times.

In Italy new provisions have been approved to recognise the value of the so called historical trade marks (ie. marchio storico). To be clear, these provisions are not related to COVID-19 economic measures aiming to boost the Italian economy. They have been in the agenda for quite some time with the aim of promoting the Made in Italy and increase the value of Italian brands abroad. However, they can be considered as additional measures available to companies in such challenging times.

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The Italian Government Launches a Tender for Granting Allowances for the Promotion of Historical Trademarks

2017 provides companies based and operating in Italy with a new opportunity for promoting their IP assets.

The Italian Government has launched a tender for granting allowances intended to support historical trademarks, for a total amount of 4,5 million Euro. The purpose of this new initiative is to promote and boost the historical and cultural entrepreneurial heritage of Italy by supporting specific national trademarks.

Allowances are granted for expenses related to manufacturing and commercial promotion of the historical trademark. This includes the purchase of goods and services for manufacturing purposes based on a plan for the promotion of the trademark involving goods and services falling under the scope of protection of the trademark – i.e. Nice classes for which the trademark is registered.

Further allowances could be also granted for activities related to the strengthening of the historical trademark, its extension at European and international level and to Nice classes other than those for which the trademark was previously registered, provided that their application comes along with another one for allowances related to the promotion of the trademark as described above.

In order to obtain the benefit of such allowances, companies of micro, small and medium dimensions complying with specific requirements must prove that their historical trademark is valid, registered before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) or the EUIPO with seniority claim for registration before the UIBM, not revoked, and that its application for registration was filed before the UIBM before January 1, 1967.

Companies can file their application from April 4, 2017 and until allowances stock lasts.

By: Alessandra Feller and Alessia Castelli

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